Jaw crushers BRH

Primary single toggle jaw crushers, designed to afford the most heavy quarry jobs, renewed and updated with experience of more than 100 years of activity.
The planning makes use of two extraordinary potentialities: the experience of more than 100 years and the must modern calculus softwares for the structural and mechanical stress.

The robustness and the reliability of these crushers got a great success and the very many installations in different productive contexts have confirmed their versality in the treatment of varied kinds of materials.

Construction characteristics

  • Monobloc frame or demountable strongly webbed, heat treatment.
  • Monobloc jaw holder strongly webbed heat treatment.
  • Eccentric shaft special steel forged, heat treatment projected to resist hight stress.
  • Bearings double crown of rolls with hight charge capacity.
  • Fixed and mobile jaws one or more pieces in special manganese steel reversible and interchangeable fixed with wedges.
  • Lateral walls one or more pieces special manganese steel