Scraper bridge water clarifier CPR

Clarifier thickeners has been designed to treat the water containing suspended sediments produced by washing aggregates in crushing, screening and washing systems. The purpose of the machine is to quickly separate the liquid and solid fractions through a clari-flocculation process.
During this process, the turbid water from cyclones or other recycling machines is conditioned by means of polyelectrolytes so that flakes form and precipitate to the bottom of the tank.

The solid part precipitates to the bottom of the clarifier where it is thickened to a greater extent by scrapers and brought to the special conveyor cone in the center of the clarifier.
The sludge produced by this process is extracted and conveyed to storage tanks where it is left to dehydrate in a natural way, or to homogenization tanks to be mechanically dehydrated.
Turbid water clarified by means of the weir channel at the edge of the clarifier is collected in basins or riser tanks and recycled to the washing system for reuse, so a to save water drawn from underground from being wasted.